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REDDISH PHARMACY: Fast, Friendly, Family Owned

About Us

Established in 1976, Reddish Pharmacy is an independent, family owned pharmacy conveniently located in the Saltzer Medical Group. We are proud of the fact that our pharmacists have received National recognition and awards for their service to the profession of pharmacy in the State of Idaho. Kevin has received the "Distinguished New Pharmacist", and the "Pharmacist of the Year"award from the Idaho State Pharmacy Association. Ed has received the "Preceptor of the Year", "Pharmacist of the Year", "Past President", and the most prestigeous award a pharmacist can achive in the profession of Pharmacy, the "Bowl of Hygea Award." We have also been recognized for our unmatched fast, friendly service and personal customer care. Let the experienced pharmacy professionals of Reddish Pharmacy assist you with all of your health and wellness needs. Come and experience the difference a family owned pharmacy can make.


Unlike the long lines and poor service that often occurs at other larger pharmacies, Reddish Pharmacy is dedicated to providing you the service you expect and deserve. We will go the extra mile and contact your insurance company on your behalf to ensure that you receive the benefits that you are entitled to. We offer our customers unique services that can't be duplicated by the big chain stores like Custom Compounding of topical bio-identical hormones, our diabetic shoe program, billing Medicare and Medicaid for diabetic supplies, and our newest program...the Total Convenience Plan. Reddish Pharmacy is the only pharmacy in the Treasure Valley that will coordinate your maintenance medications for you and allow you to pick up all your routine medications at one time...better yet, we even let you pick the date that best fits your busy schedule!


Since one in seventeen Americans has diabetes, we feel it is important to offer more than the basic line of medications to our customers. That is why at Reddish Pharmacy we offer our diabetic foot care program which allows diabetic patients with Medicare or Medicaid to receive a pair of diabetic shoes with 3 pairs of custom orthotics once every calendar year. After working with several different companies, we currently offer a full line of diabetic shoes from Dr. Comfort. We can also bill Medicare or Medicaid for diabetic supplies such as test strips, lancets, meters, and most of your nebulizer solutions as well.

Save Time & Money:

Today, more than ever we live in a hectic, demanding, fast paced world. Reddish Pharmacy can help reduce that stress with our new Total Convenience Plan. No waiting, no unnecessary trips to the pharmacy, and best of can pick the day of each month that works best for you. At Reddish Pharmacy we will contact your Doctor in advance so you'll never have to wait for a refill authorization again. Simply come in once a month and everything will be filled and ready to go. We even offer free delivery within the city limits or can mail your medications directly to you for a nominal fee.

Business to Business program:

At Reddish Pharmacy we offer free delivery from our business to yours. Initially created to help our local school teachers with their busy schedules, we offer to deliver their medications directly to their school to help them save time and money...and we can do the same for you and deliver your medicines to your workplace. Simply sign up for our new Total Convenience Plan and we will deliver your medications directly to your work site as long as it is within the city limits.

Mediset Program:

If you or a loved one has multiple prescriptions let us help keep you organized by filling a weekly Mediset which coordinates your medicine by day and by time to prevent over or under usage.


For years our slogan has been, "PROVIDING THE SERVICE YOU EXPECT, AND DESERVE." So whether you only need a bottle of lo-dose aspirin or need some professional advice, please stop in and make Reddish Pharmacy your families pharmacy of choice. Come and experience the difference a family owned pharmacy can'll be glad you did!!!

"Providing excellent patient care is the main priority here at Reddish Pharmacy."

Kevin Reddish

Additional Services

  • Diabetic Footwear
  • RefillRx Mobile App
  • Text Notifications
  • Vaccinations
  • Automatic Refills
  • Immunizations
  • Medicare Part D Consulting
  • Unit Dose Packaging
  • Vitamins
  • Prescription Refills
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Free Local Delivery

It is health that is real wealth
and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi